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For Private Commissions:
These commissions are for private individuals and their personal use only.  The work created for private individuals under a private commission may not be used for commercial purposes or reproduced without written consent by Laughing Dawg Studio. There are many reason to order a custom caricature of you and/or your fur baby!

  • Unique – Each illustration is done as a whimsical  interpretation of you and/or your fur kids!
  • Hand Drawn – Your custom caricature will be drawn based on the photographs and personality description you provide as reference.
  • What kind of pets? –  We specialize in dogs, however, we are able to draw cats, turtles, snakes, horses and just about any other animal in existence.
  • What about me? – Yes, we do draw caricatures of people.  They to will be treated in the same manner as pets.
  • Reference Photos – We recommend sending at multiple pictures of your loved pet.   At least one must be at eye level of the pet. Not standing over them.  We recommend sending us the best pictures you can as that is what we base our interpretation of your fur kid on.
  • Do we require a Deposit?   You only need to pay a $25 non-refundable deposit per subject to place your order. The remainder of the balance is paid once your artwork is completed.
  • What does it cost? – We offer two different tiers of artwork. The first is Studio which is a fine art digital painting of the subject(s) The quality of these is what you see in our Caricature and Dogicature portfolios. The second is Theme Park is a quick sketch drawing similar to what you see in our Event Caricature portfolio.
    • Studio – We charge $175 per subject without a drawn background.  A simple single colored or gradient background is included in the cost.  Highly rendered backgrounds are an additional fee of $125. Shipping and handling are extra. Matting and framing are available for an additional fee.
    • Theme Park – We charge $40 per subject without a drawn background.  A simple framing line or single colored background is included in the cost.  A detailed background are an additional fee of $20. Shipping and handling are included in the price.
  • How can I pay? – We accept check, credit card, or paypal.  Multiple payments/installments can be arranged if requested.
  • What will I get? – You will receive your digital file or 11″x14″ illustration for 3 or less subjects. Over 3 subjects will require larger paper. Other paper and size options are available upon request for an additional fee.  There is no matting option for larger than 18″x24″.
  • When will I get it? – Once your artwork has been paid in full, it gets shipped out.

Please visit the FAQ page or Contact Us with any questions you may have.


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The amount you are paying today is only a deposit. You will receive an invoice for the remaining balance (plus shipping) once your artwork is complete and ready to be shipped.

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I Agree



    • 1 Subject Deposit $25.00:


    • 2 Subjects Deposit $50.00:


    • 3 Subjects Deposit $75.00:


    • 4 Subjects Deposit $100.00:


    • 5 Subjects Deposit $125.00:


  • You will receive an E-mail from sales@laughingdawgstudio.com confirming your order within the next 24 hours. Thank you for your business!